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Come along on an important journey

What's so special about the Fox-Wisconsin portaging trail? What were Wisconsin's Native trails like in 1832? What happened on the Ho-Chunk Trail of Tears? Take a journey with us on the trails of the Fox-Wisconsin portage and beyond. Then let the trails bring you back home with a greater understanding of the stories which have shaped our history.

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Footprints: Ho-Chunk Trail of Tears

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Speaker Series — Trails: The Fox-Wisconsin Portage and Beyond

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New Permanent Outdoor Exhibit

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Themed Events

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Enjoy our trail system

"Stories of the Land" is a signage-guided educational walk through a portion of our property with the goal of engaging hikers with the fascinating history that happened on the soil beneath their feet. From examining the culture and history of the Indigenous Ho-Chunk people, to discovering prominent historical figures who journeyed here, to exploring applied prairie science and more, come and learn out in nature's classroom. Our trails are free and open to the public.

Thank you to the SEASON SPONSOR for making a significant portion of this season's programming and exhibitions possible.

Special contributions have been made to dedicate this season in memory of NAMES; and in honor of NAMES.

Trails 2024

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