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Juliette Kinzie's Wau-Bun

Even if you've read this fascinating classic before, don't miss our new edition loaded with extra features!

Garrison life and native customs

Everyday affairs and extraordinary frontier exploits

A rich and complex convergence of cultures

Wars, privation, and struggles for survival

Compassion, generosity, and sacrifice

Beauty juxtaposed with danger in the wilderness

Weighty issues and critical decisions that would

reverberate for generations

...back when Chicago was a prairie...when indigenous tribes inhabited the lands of their fathers...when prominent figures in the annals of history had not yet risen above obscurity...when John H. Kinzie served as Indian sub-agent at Fort Winnebago in frontier Wisconsin...

It’s all here in Wau-Bun.


First published in 1856, Wau-Bun endures as a fascinating and indispensable firsthand account of the ‘early day’ in the frontier Midwest. The volume also poignantly serves as a catalyst for deeper consideration of the crucial lessons of history that we dare not forget. 

Discover the rest of the story

in the Historic Preservation Edition:


  • The resilience of the Winnebago (Ho-Chunk) Nation in the face of trauma and suffering after their forced removal from their homeland

  • The endeavors of the Kinzies after leaving Fort Winnebago in 1833

  • The story of the rescue and restoration of the Indian Agency House during the Great Depression ( a museum since 1932)

The Historic Preservation Edition also features an introduction and footnotes by early 20th century historian Louise Phelps Kellogg. 

The Historic Indian Agency House was the home of the author from 1832-1833, and as such, it uniquely and powerfully provides the physical setting for the historical drama of Wau-Bun. The history happened here. Proceeds from the Historic Preservation Edition will contribute to the continuing preservation of this important historic site for the benefit of future generations.


Look Inside


Historic Preservation Edition 

Our Gift Shop Prices:

Hardcover: $30 (Retail: $32.95)

Paperback: $20 (Retail: $22.95)

eBook: available through online book sellers such as Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, and Amazon (Retail: $9.99)

Hardcover and paperback versions also available through retailers such as AmazonBarnes & Noble, Book Depository, and more. To find a local bookstore in your area that carries this edition of Wau-Bun, go to Indie Bound, select hardcover or softcover, & search for participating bookstores using your zip code.

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The Historic Preservation Edition of Wau-Bun was made possible by a grant from the Cissy VD Bryson Fund at the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.

Wau-Bun: The "Early Day" in the Northwest

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