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Come along on an important journey

The Fox and Wisconsin rivers come oh-so-close to connecting in Portage, Wisconsin. There is a little stretch of land less than two miles long separating them.  It might not seem like much, but this short trail between the rivers, located on ancestral Ho-Chunk land, held tremendous importance in times past.


What’s so special about this portaging trail? What were Wisconsin’s Native trails like in 1832?  What happened on the Ho-Chunk Trail of Tears?


Take a journey with us on the trails of the Fox-Wisconsin portage and beyond. Then let the trails bring you back home with a greater understanding of the stories which have shaped our history.

For Educators & Parents

This curriculum contains history that is largely absent from, or glossed over in, mainstream social studies textbooks. It expands upon essential chapters in the story of our state and nation. Students are afforded an opportunity to exercise critical thinking as they step into the past and personally weigh the issues at hand.

Although geared toward grades 4 through 8, it is readily adaptable for older students and adults. It also provides an opportunity for families to learn and grow together as they explore the topics at their own pace.

WI educational standards are included for your convenience.

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Chapter I      Trails

Chapter 2     Indian Trails

Chapter 3     Wawa'...What?

Chapter 4     A Trail of Tears

Trails Curriculum

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