Permanent exhibit: Crossroads


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The permanent exhibit in our visitor center, entitled "Crossroads," brings our powerful and pivotal story to life, weaving the people, events, and material culture into the bigger picture of history. The crossing point between the Fox and Wisconsin rivers (the portage) has been a keystone of travel and migration ever since post-glacial waters carved their channels. Cultures intersected here. Ideas, values, beliefs, and ways of life converged here. Complex issues and difficult decisions were faced here. History of national significance was forged right here at the crossroads.

We strive to tell the story with balance, representing various viewpoints and contributions so that visitors may understand the complexity of the time period and exercise critical thinking as they consider the lessons taught by history. Multimedia and tactile sensory items are incorporated into the exhibit to augment the experience. Our goal is to tell our story in a manner that is engaging, immersive, comprehensive, clear, and educationally accessible to visitors of all ages.

This exhibit also allows us to better serve our patrons with physical disabilities as we now have a video presentation of our house tour available for those who are not able to negotiate the stairs of the historic home itself. In addition, we installed a handicapped accessible sidewalk to our visitor center in 2018 thanks to a generous grant from the Edward and June Lenz Chartiable Trust.

We look forward to your visit.


Outdoor exhibit: A Landscape of Families

The Historic Indian Agency House and the Ho-Chunk Department of Heritage Preservation have come together to educate through the powerful material encapsulated in the Ho-Chunk annuity register penned by sub-agent John H. Kinzie in 1832. The result is an outdoor exhibit entitled, "A Landscape of Families," which now stands on the site where the census was taken nearly two hundred years ago. A special website has also been created to enhance the exhibit with in-depth, interactive content. It is our joint hope that you will enjoy your engagement with this material, but even more, that you will come away changed by the lessons and insights gained.

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Exhibit coming spring 2021

Special exhibit: Archaeology &
Frontier Blacksmithing

Enjoy this interactive exhibit during our archaeological dig weekends. Come prepared to think like an archaeologist! Analyze scenarios that come up in the everyday work of those who study the past through scientific excavation. Because our ongoing archaeological dig is focused on locating the 1830s blacksmith shop on our property, the exhibit also highlights the work of frontier blacksmiths.

This special exhibit was sponsored by the late Doug Kammer of Portage.