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Explore History

Our annual online history series is designed to deepen and enrich our patrons’ understanding of the historical context of our site. There is always more to learn and understand.


Educational Resources

From social studies to STEM; the arts & humanities to Act 31 (American Indian Studies in WI); we are committed to coming alongside parents and teachers. We produce a new curriculum each year.

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Themed Archives

Each season, the Historic Indian Agency House offers themed programming, events, and special exhibitions. Explore the topics of previous years, and be sure to check out the present season's theme.


Fire-Wrought Dugout Canoe Project

Join us in our quest to experimentally create a fire-wrought dugout canoe using ancient methods and tools.  We commenced our project in 2021, and we are continuing the process of carefully burning out a dugout canoe. Each time, we try new methods and ideas. 


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