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Each year, the Historic Indian Agency House produces an online history series to deepen and enrich our patrons’ understanding of the historical context of our site. We invite you to explore and enjoy all of our history series postings.


Art as Artifact: Cultural Creative Arts

Survey examples of art from various cultures converging at the Fox-Wisconsin portage in 1832, focusing not only on each piece in and of itself, but also on the skills and resources required to produce it, the culture out of which it was created, and some of the ideas and insights it conveys.


On Location: The 1832 Landscape

Present-day footage features several locations related to the people and places of the region's historic landscape at the time the Fort Winnebago Indian Agency House was constructed in 1832.

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History Rediscovered: Browsing the Archives

Dust off the archives with us! Explore curiosities from old scrapbooks, fascinating documents, and more.


Vintage Viewpoints: Voices From the Past

Immerse yourself in the conversations of the early 1800s. The complex and emotionally-charged issues of the day are addressed "in their own words" from primary historical sources regarding the removal of America's Native inhabitants from their ancestral lands.

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Artifact Ambassadors: An Online Exhibition

An ambassador is a chosen individual who represents his country to a different corner of the world. Our Artifact Ambassadors are objects from the past which have the important job of relaying the stories of their own time to us living today.

"If one tries to think about history, it seems to me — it's like looking at a range of mountains. And the first time you see them, they look one way. But then time changes, the pattern of light shifts. Maybe you've moved slightly, your perspective has changed. The mountains are the same, but they look very different."

—British novelist Robert Harris