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The stories of America's past possess tremendous value. This season, we pause to consider the means by which the past is preserved.  How do we remember?

Our 2021 themed programming carries the central idea of handing history down through time. Delivering history to the next generation involves a multidisciplinary approach and is as varied as it is fascinating and colorful. Get ready for engaging events, hands-on workshops, and educational programs exploring the links that tie the past to the present.  

Speaker Series

Our speaker series will be held on Tuesday evenings in July. This year, three of the four speakers will focus on innovative individuals who were instrumental in handing down Wisconsin's history in their own unique ways. The fourth speaker will address the Ho-Chunk Nation's intriguing oral tradition of passing down history and culture. These fascinating lectures are free to the public thanks to the co-sponsorship of the Antiquarian Society of Wisconsin and The Museum at the Portage.

Preservation Workshop

The Family Heirloom Preservation Workshop is a must-attend event for those who desire expert advice on how to best preserve antiques and heirlooms, from textiles to ceramics, paper documents to furniture, and more. Bring your questions with you, and learn about practical, low-cost, and accessible preservation solutions through an engaging presentation, discussion time, and hands-on demonstrations. This workshop is free.

Community Archaeological Dig

History is sometimes preserved right in the ground beneath our feet. Through archaeological excavation, we are able to reconstruct some aspects of history for which there is no written record. Archaeology helps us round out our understanding of what happened in the past. Join us for year two of our quest to locate and excavate the 1830s Agency blacksmith shop on our property. Unearth artifacts that may have last been touched by human hands 200 years ago or more!

Enduring Skills Hands-On Workshop

Historical skills which may otherwise have been lost to the annals of history are often preserved through modern practice, as in the case of blacksmithing, soap making, basket-weaving, and more. In other instances, historical methods must be carefully re-created through archaeological experimentation, as in the process of archaic copper working. We have a fantastic lineup of enduring skills stations at which adults and children may try their hand!

The Antiquarian Society of Wisconsin has generously sponsored much of our 2021 seasonal programming in memory of Olive "Cissy" Bryson. Mrs. Bryson served as a past president of the Antiquarian Society of Wisconsin and was a member of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Wisconsin, which is the governing board of the Historic Indian Agency House. We honor Mrs. Bryson and her passion for preserving history for the benefit of those who would come after her.

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Enjoy 40 engaging, hands-on "Remember-ing" activities with your family or students.  Or do them yourself! It's fun and FREE!

Teachers: This curriculum is flexible and may be used as a supplement to your regular Social Studies curriculum. Wisconsin educational standards are included.

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2021 Theme: Remembering