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Why and how is history preserved and passed down?

The stories of our past possess tremendous value.

How do we remember? 


What have our ancestors done to preserve history for us? ​What can be done in the present to continue the stewardship of our heritage for the benefit of future generations?

Delivering history to the next generation requires a multi-disciplinary approach. You will be encouraged to think more deeply about how and why we look at the past.

Curriculum Guide

The free curriculum guide consists of 7 topics with 40 activities geared toward 4th - 6th grade students, although the lessons may be easily adapted for younger or older students, and even adults.


In a classroom setting, the curriculum may be used as a stand-alone unit, or the lessons may be used a-la-carte to supplement a standard social studies curriculum. Wisconsin educational standards are also included in the guide for your convenience.

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  • How do we remember? And Why?

  • Analyzing Sources

  • Artifacts and Archaeology

  • Preservation and Stewardship

  • Oral History

  • Enduring Skills, Living History, Traditions

  • Literature and the Arts

Please enjoy "Remembering," with our compliments.

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"Remembering" Curriculum

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