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Investigate the historic landscape

Cultural geographer J.B. Jackson said, "Landscape is history made visible." What does that mean?

What is a landscape? What are the components of a landscape? How do people interact with the landscape? Do physical and cultural landscapes change over time? How and why?

Investigate the historic landscape with engaging lessons and hands-on activities through the perspectives of science, art, humanities, and American Indian Studies in Wisconsin (Act 31). 

Although geared toward grades 4 through 6, the free learning guide is readily adaptable for younger or older children and adults.

In a classroom setting, this curriculum may be used as a stand-alone unit, or the lessons may be used a-la-carte to supplement a standard curriculum. Wisconsin educational standards are included for your convenience. 

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Unit I      What is a Landscape?

Unit II     Components of a Landscape:


Unit III    Components of a Landscape:


Unit IV    Components of a Landscape:


Unit V     The Historic Landscape

Unit VI     Our Story: The 1832 Landscape

"The Historic Landscape" Curriculum

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