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Frontier Education

In America’s early days, educational opportunities varied dramatically from region to region. Thus, everyone on the frontier had a unique story in regard to his or her educational experiences. Even among families, the stories differed. This was especially true of John H. Kinzie’s family. Although diverse, their stories all demonstrate how highly education was valued and how motivated the individuals were to pursue the best use of the means available to ensure an effective education. Click the button below for details.


Each year, the Historic Indian Agency House’s programming and special exhibits are centered around a main theme(s). Be sure to visit the museum this year in order to advance your own education!

Antique Quilts and Coverlets

Learn about our 2018 seasonal exhibit and programming related to historic quilts and coverlets and various fiber arts. You may also enjoy perusing the "Quilt Discovery Experience" booklet from the Homestead National Monument of America regarding quilt block names and meanings.


2018: Frontier Education & Antique Quilts

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