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Explore Creative Arts with New Eyes

Creative arts are powerful tools of expression within cultures, offering insights into the hearts and minds of people groups.  Unique styles of music, fine and decorative arts, storytelling, and dance flowed into the Fox-Wisconsin portage in 1832 as people from widely dissimilar backgrounds endeavored to live their daily lives in close quarters.  Even in the midst of a history which is otherwise saturated with conflict and turmoil, cultural creative arts formed a rich tapestry on the historic landscape.

What are creative arts? How might they be distinctive to cultural identity? What can we learn about the past by studying creative arts? What were the artistic sights and sounds of the portage like in 1832?

Come to value the differences which make people unique, and draw out the threads of commonality which tie all people together across cultural lines.

Enjoy this valuable free resource for families, students, and anyone who likes to learn — children and adults alike.

In a classroom setting, this curriculum may be used as a stand-alone unit, or the lessons may be used a-la-carte to supplement a standard social studies, art, or humanities curriculum. It is geared toward grades 4 through 6 but is able to be adapted for a range of ages. Wisconsin educational standards are included for your convenience. 


Unit I      What are creative arts?

Unit II     More than meets the eye

Unit III    The vibrant arts of 1832

Unit IV   Threads produce a tapestry

Cultural Creative Arts Curriculum

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