Archaeology and Frontier Blacksmithing

Our theme for 2020 is Archaeology and Frontier Blacksmithing. Go to Archaeology 2020 for information on exciting programming related to this year's theme.

This season's special exhibit will be unveiled for viewing May 15 through October 15. Come prepared to think like an archaeologist! Have fun analyzing scenarios that come up in the everyday work of those who study the past through scientific excavation. Because our archaeology dig is focused on locating the 1830s blacksmith shop on our property, the exhibit also highlights the work of frontier blacksmiths.

Our 2020 special exhibit was sponsored by Doug Kammer of Kammer Law Offices, S.C., just prior to his passing. We honor his memory and his commitment to impacting the community through his support of the Historic Indian Agency House.

Become a Sponsor

Our special exhibits are made possible each year by a corporate or personal sponsor. If you would like information about sponsoring next year’s special exhibit, please contact us. Your sponsorship is important and appreciated.

Special Exhibit

The Historic Indian Agency House

1490 Agency House Road, Portage, WI 53901


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