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The Historic Indian Agency House is pleased to partner with parents, teachers, and students by providing educational materials, school visits, field trips, and special educational programming. We address social studies, Act 31 (American Indian Studies in Wisconsin), arts and humanities, and even STEM.

Each year, we develop a curriculum based upon the season's programmatic theme. Although the general age range is 3rd through 6th grade, the activities and lessons are easily adaptable for younger and older children, and even for adults. In a classroom setting, the curriculum may be used as a stand-alone unit, or the lessons may be used a-la-carte to supplement a standard social studies or science curriculum.


The Historic Indian Agency House is committed to serving the community and supporting teachers and families in their educational endeavors. Please enjoy these fascinating, fun, (and free!) educational materials with your families and/or students.

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Learn hands-on what it takes to be an archaeologist!

This STEM-based camp, generously funded by Alliant Energy, was originally to be offered to students in grades 3 through 5 in May of 2020. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the in-person camps were canceled and this online version was produced. 


Watch a series of 6 videos, appx. 45 minutes total.

Students may do the hands-on activities right along with the videos! The curriculum guide helps you prepare.

Remembering Curriculum Cover jpg.jpg

The stories of our past possess tremendous value.

How do we remember? 


What have our ancestors done to preserve history for us?

What can be done in the present to continue the stewardship of our heritage for the benefit of future generations?

Delivering history to the next generation requires a multidisciplinary approach. 


Students will be encouraged to think more deeply about how and why we look at the past via 7 topics and 40 activities.

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Coming spring, 2022!

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